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General Board / Selling stuff you make
« on: September 03, 2020, 04:11:25 PM »
I dont know of there will be interest but I took a chance and built it anyway, if just for my own stuff...

If you want to sell things on the internet- a proper store, proper adverts, and proper presentation- drop me a line here, pm, or email. 

I'd like to see the community get more than just satisfaction from building things.  We can become a community of craft builders too...  is the site.

The idea is you'll get a profile and a mini-store within the store... you'll basically become a producer, and I'll be the presenter (through the store). 


I'd be interested to know if this is something you guys would want?

I can set up boards here on the site for whomever wants and give that user moderator control over that board, and provide a place for you to market or showcase your work if selling is something you wish to entertain?

I can even set up a store for you to do so if you so wish......


General Board / boards, boards, boards
« on: June 13, 2020, 02:46:38 AM »
and more...

seems this CNC machine has me filling requests for..... boards. 

General Board / new sign.... practicing with resins.
« on: March 03, 2020, 11:38:24 PM »
i made this plaque for a family member hitting the big 60 this week... it's safe enough to post it as they won't find it here before he gets it. 

the interesting thing is the resin... i used the stuff found at Lowe's, and to my knowledge the only one brand they carry.

i've done some work with flooding resin... but i've never had cause to use it as finish.  this sign will most likely end up on the guy's shop's entrance, outside.. and the environment they live in is mucho different than the environment we do... they'll see -50*f from time to time, -30*f regularly, and heats as high as (gasp) 90* in the summer from time to time.  So, i wanted to seal the piece completely. 

let's hope it works out. 

the red oak was carved and stained, and painted... it was then sealed with poly rattle can for three coats to ensure the stain (oil) was encapsulated in the poly- then the resin was mixed and brushed on with a fairly high quality brush, yet still torched for those tiny bubbles... nearing the point of solidifying it was rubbed over with a foam brush.  I noticed on the second day of curing tiny little bubbles of stain seeping from the wood and forming bubbles around some of the lower letters- apparently the temperature delta between day and night in the shop allowed the wood to spit some of it out... i'm crossing my fingers that they don't cause future issues.

whatcha'll think?

General Board / harvesting trees
« on: February 27, 2020, 11:08:53 AM »
so i have a neighbor who is a slob... he literally hasn't picked up a single branch from his yard since Florence, no kidding.  He say's "it's my mom's house (96yo lady who is perhaps the sweetest lady i've ever met) so why would i spend a penny on the place"... it kills me...

i intend on taking a picture of this tree of his and posting it up here if there is any interest.  it is an oak tree, what i hear some refer to as a 'pin oak'.  last storm season he had another neighbor who is an arborist by trade remove all the branches leaving a trunk alone.  he was afraid the branches would snap and land on his boat.  the tree didn't make it. 

here is the weird part- the tree is covered with protrusions- some the size of baseballs, others the size of volleyballs.  all over it from top to bottom.  the neighbor says 'when i was a kid we would shoot it with shotguns and that's where all those knots came from', suggesting the tree recovered from these tiny lead assaults by growing around them... but i ain't buying it.  i've never seen a tree appear like this one that wasn't sick, and i've my own childhood experiences with shooting trees and have never seen one respond as this one. 

and that 'sick' part is why i bring it up- spalt.  If spalt is caused by bacteria in the tree, leaving coloration and differing grain patterns as evidence, i'm thinking this tree- which has been dead (though still standing) for at least ten months now, has GOT to be 'full of it', which may make it of interest to harvest and use?

let's entertain that it is full of bird shot- i get that metal straps, nails, and large caliber bullets can wreak havoc on mill blades... but how bad can tiny lead bird shot be?  and that is IF it was actually shot as was suggested.   

i know i could get this tree for free.  if he didn't allow it i'd simply call his mother who would without doubt try to pay me for removing it.  question is: is it worth it for the purpose i'm suggesting? for milling and working with? or- is all of this gonna just end up in the fireplace?


General Board / Scout Awards
« on: February 23, 2020, 05:05:43 PM »
just for fun.... @steinwoodworks :

General Board / pecan
« on: February 15, 2020, 09:25:52 PM »
Just for discussion, though i can get a picture if anyone demands it...

going through scraps in the shop and some larger pieces too small to do anything real with, but too big to toss.... y'all know what comes next, right? Time to produce some cutting boards... i'm not good enough to do anything with them but make gifts, perhaps...

I was given two pieces Pecan sometime back. (thanks dave!!!)  I have several sticks of white ash... several sticks of Sapele.. and various other, but for this let's talk about those?

first off- pecan is second only to (true) Hickory in hardness for (American) domestic woods. Weird about it, it is light- lighter than oaks and maples. Honestly, the only use i'e had for pecan other than collecting it's fruits, is for smoking red meat. it does a great job with that as a trailing burn- meaning low and slow, smoke with hickory up front and then run the pecan for a good amount of heat with a small fire, but with a delicate smoke that tames down the hickory especially if the hickory was even slightly uncured... anyway, this place ain't about that...

Pecan is really light for it's strength.. really light- and, it's super stout- stouter than any of the oaks or maples- again only beat out by true Hickory, and not by much.. i think they're in the same family, actually.

Has anyone here used it for either cutting board or butchers blocks purposes here? It is a gorgeous wood- stunning, actually- like a milk with a splash of coffee my college age daughter drinks from those fancy cups @ $7 a go... the grains are subtle with beautiful swirls around the knots... I mean, until that primary piece of the cutting board came out of the planer, i'd forgotten how nice a wood it actually is.

what do y'all do with it? I know it is hell on blades... otherwise i'd brace it to the CNC and make some cool stuff- but those bits aren't cheap... It IS prone to decay but generally because of bugs- which a kitchen at least 'ought' to not have...

anyone have any pics of furniture made with it? of anything made with it you're willing to share?

if you can't tell, it's late and I'm bored... yet it seems like i've rediscovered something i'd forgotten about. I just pulled the cutting board from the clamps and ran it through the planer... it's gonna be purty with the white ash and sapele accents..

Site Suggestions and Reporting Issues / well THAT was interesting....
« on: February 14, 2020, 12:55:27 PM »
in attempt to make the site here more interesting, i used a plug in that auto retrieves articles others post- and was to provide a link to their articles and videos... I used a list of sites and channels i am familiar with to get it started. 

well- apparently it didn't just populate a pretty LINK to follow, it straight up copied the content of the article/video in it's entirety.   uh, no bueno.  so... i'm now off to find another plug in that doesn't do this- one that simply generates pretty links to the source material IN/FROM THEIR PROPER SOURCE. 

hopefully the articles that interests our hobby will return- this time properly... as in links...

SELL - (user post items for sale here) / want to sell items you've made?
« on: February 09, 2020, 12:16:37 PM »
I can easily add a section below, that appears something like the articles do above- but with individual items you guys make...

first off, it would just be an additional place to list you item, but also- it's a place where it's presentation can be managed completely... meaning- you can list it here AND it can be shared from here to other places, such as facebook, instagram, twitter, emails, or we can even offer them to other (big and established) online retailers as an additional inventory/product source. 

it would be pretty easy to do, and would certainly allow you opportunity you may not have easier access to!!!


and... there is another thing I've been bouncing around for those of you who make this hobby a side business... I'm not going to set it up just yet but i would love to see some discussion about the idea:

idea: i build a section with two distinct sections... one section the public can see, the other only members of the site or even members of the site AND members of a specific members 'group'.... the notion here is for people to put in requests for custom woodwork... it may be a table and chairs, or it may be a heirloom chest- it would be whatever..... the 'public' section would be where requests are made... it would go something like this:

Hi, I'm Drew
I seek to have a custom butchers block made.  I'd like to have it free standing, 3' x 5', blonde wood perhaps white ash or maple for the surface (butchers block itself), and with painted legs/base.  I'd like to have a shelf on the bottom maybe 8" from the floor, and three drawers on both the long sides, equally spaced and in the 6" range in height, and at least 12" interior length. 

please provide drawings or plans, and a rough estimate of cost for this endeavor.  an added bonus would be options priced out, such as paint of base with or without, or stained/oiled base with and without. 

looking forward to hearing from you!

this^ would be seen by everyone, including guests to the site here... but... responses can only be made by members (or members a part of a specific members group)... the 'topic' (the request for quote 'posting') would be duplicated in the 'hidden' section where WE can put out heads together and discuss who, if any of us, would be better suited to fulfill such an order... let's say that in such an event four of our members decide to place a bid and quote- they respond directly to the customer with their plans/quote and take the discussion either offline or finalize it right there in the thread.

what i'd ultimately like to see develop, and maybe it's a long shot, but:  make this place a place local people come to when looking for custom woodworking... it will benefit members, the community, and - in a perfect world- create a place where OUR interests fulfill CUSTOMER interests, and develop a means for US to support our habits!!!

General Board / articles or news, do you guys want it?
« on: February 08, 2020, 06:41:13 PM »
what i speak of is a dedicated function that allows for proper articles to be drafted and presented... they can include images and video's, and the idea is for this to be totally user contributed. 

i'll add a place on the main page to display the featured image and headline(title), so it will get seen.  the function will also allow for aggregates to pick them up- i'm tied in with publishers, and why not leverage it? make your shop famous!! (you know you want to). 

i'm suggesting How-To articles, or tutorial's, or stories and tales, or reviews of products, tools.. or parts one, two, and three on a major product... or explaining how 'this or that' came to be... or... whatever. 

by my reckoning it will make the place more interesting- which is something i can do technically but can't pertaining to the subject, unless you folks want to read about how i screwed up another perfectly good piece of walnut, again.

.... this would be basically a 'presentation' akin to what happens at the monthly meetings.  it can be something you're good at and you would like to publish... who knows, it may catch a syndicate's attention!


Site Suggestions and Reporting Issues / facebook and youtube links
« on: February 07, 2020, 08:47:31 PM »
use the button with the facebook F, then copy the link and past it in between the tags

Code: [Select]
[facebook] the link address you copied [/facebook]
and it'll look like:

additional hint: on every facebook post there is a little timestamp... right click that time stamp and 'copy link'- and you'll have it on your clip board.

Projects Planning / cnc with vCarve
« on: February 07, 2020, 07:46:08 PM »
(this is as much a demonstration as anything.... )

I really appreciate vCarve software by Vectric when it comes to seeing precisely how a project will be rendered prior to actually cutting it.  below is an image which is a screen shot of a project i did for a friend some time back as a 'dart board badge'.  they made a backing of wine bottle corks, and i think the little badge/dart holder thingy set it off well...

screenshot of the software rendering before cutting:

actual product (with the poly still wet) :

and their final product:

Site Suggestions and Reporting Issues / Your Profile
« on: February 07, 2020, 07:13:49 PM »
after you register, you'll likely want to check out your profile and make adjustments... one in particular is "return to thread after posting" which is nice to have activated (check the box).  another that is handy is the notifications... some folks like them, while others are annoyed by them- either way they are 'off' by default but if you like to receive emails when someone responds to a topic or comment you've made, the system can do that by checking the blocks...

Site Suggestions and Reporting Issues / Registering
« on: February 07, 2020, 06:40:48 PM »
30 minutes into this an we encounter our first glitch... which was corrected.

if you were stiff armed by the registration due to the captcha code (the random visual image with numbers/letters) that function has now been removed... you should be able to register now without that limitation...

there are three simple questions to answer... don't overthink it... single word answers and in lower case (not that i think that makes a difference, but... computers are peculiar sometimes)... :)

Site Suggestions and Reporting Issues / about boards, about categories
« on: February 07, 2020, 06:26:34 PM »
So it's just kind of set up in a very general sense right now... if you want to see a category or a board set up, just mention it and it'll happen. 

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