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Author Topic: want to sell items you've made?  (Read 349 times)

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want to sell items you've made?
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:16:37 PM »
I can easily add a section below, that appears something like the articles do above- but with individual items you guys make...

first off, it would just be an additional place to list you item, but also- it's a place where it's presentation can be managed completely... meaning- you can list it here AND it can be shared from here to other places, such as facebook, instagram, twitter, emails, or we can even offer them to other (big and established) online retailers as an additional inventory/product source. 

it would be pretty easy to do, and would certainly allow you opportunity you may not have easier access to!!!


and... there is another thing I've been bouncing around for those of you who make this hobby a side business... I'm not going to set it up just yet but i would love to see some discussion about the idea:

idea: i build a section with two distinct sections... one section the public can see, the other only members of the site or even members of the site AND members of a specific members 'group'.... the notion here is for people to put in requests for custom woodwork... it may be a table and chairs, or it may be a heirloom chest- it would be whatever..... the 'public' section would be where requests are made... it would go something like this:

Hi, I'm Drew
I seek to have a custom butchers block made.  I'd like to have it free standing, 3' x 5', blonde wood perhaps white ash or maple for the surface (butchers block itself), and with painted legs/base.  I'd like to have a shelf on the bottom maybe 8" from the floor, and three drawers on both the long sides, equally spaced and in the 6" range in height, and at least 12" interior length. 

please provide drawings or plans, and a rough estimate of cost for this endeavor.  an added bonus would be options priced out, such as paint of base with or without, or stained/oiled base with and without. 

looking forward to hearing from you!

this^ would be seen by everyone, including guests to the site here... but... responses can only be made by members (or members a part of a specific members group)... the 'topic' (the request for quote 'posting') would be duplicated in the 'hidden' section where WE can put out heads together and discuss who, if any of us, would be better suited to fulfill such an order... let's say that in such an event four of our members decide to place a bid and quote- they respond directly to the customer with their plans/quote and take the discussion either offline or finalize it right there in the thread.

what i'd ultimately like to see develop, and maybe it's a long shot, but:  make this place a place local people come to when looking for custom woodworking... it will benefit members, the community, and - in a perfect world- create a place where OUR interests fulfill CUSTOMER interests, and develop a means for US to support our habits!!!
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