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Author Topic: harvesting trees  (Read 501 times)

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harvesting trees
« on: February 27, 2020, 04:08:53 PM »
so i have a neighbor who is a slob... he literally hasn't picked up a single branch from his yard since Florence, no kidding.  He say's "it's my mom's house (96yo lady who is perhaps the sweetest lady i've ever met) so why would i spend a penny on the place"... it kills me...

i intend on taking a picture of this tree of his and posting it up here if there is any interest.  it is an oak tree, what i hear some refer to as a 'pin oak'.  last storm season he had another neighbor who is an arborist by trade remove all the branches leaving a trunk alone.  he was afraid the branches would snap and land on his boat.  the tree didn't make it. 

here is the weird part- the tree is covered with protrusions- some the size of baseballs, others the size of volleyballs.  all over it from top to bottom.  the neighbor says 'when i was a kid we would shoot it with shotguns and that's where all those knots came from', suggesting the tree recovered from these tiny lead assaults by growing around them... but i ain't buying it.  i've never seen a tree appear like this one that wasn't sick, and i've my own childhood experiences with shooting trees and have never seen one respond as this one. 

and that 'sick' part is why i bring it up- spalt.  If spalt is caused by bacteria in the tree, leaving coloration and differing grain patterns as evidence, i'm thinking this tree- which has been dead (though still standing) for at least ten months now, has GOT to be 'full of it', which may make it of interest to harvest and use?

let's entertain that it is full of bird shot- i get that metal straps, nails, and large caliber bullets can wreak havoc on mill blades... but how bad can tiny lead bird shot be?  and that is IF it was actually shot as was suggested.   

i know i could get this tree for free.  if he didn't allow it i'd simply call his mother who would without doubt try to pay me for removing it.  question is: is it worth it for the purpose i'm suggesting? for milling and working with? or- is all of this gonna just end up in the fireplace?